Monetize your content with crypto

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Payden is a crypto payment solution powered by the Raiden Network that enables fast, cheap and scalable micropayments for your restricted content.

A one-time purchase will get you life-time access to the Payden license without any transaction fees.

Do you already have a payment solution in place?

Payden does not replace any of your current payment solutions. Instead, it provides your customers with an additional payment option.


controls Customized content restriction
ethereum symbol Gas-free crypto payments
flash Automated near-instant payments
squares Run Payden alongside other paywalls

How to get started

Purchase the Payden license
Set it up
Choose content to monetize
Get your first payment in crypto

Please read the step by step guide to ensure a proper set up of Payden

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the Payden

Setting up Payden requires transaction fees. There are on-chain interactions involved in the process that are independant from Payden. Once the set up is completed, you can enjoy the benefit of fast and low-fee payments. Ideal for recurring crypto payments!